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What I make every Sunday- AREPAS: P.A.N. Global Cooking Challenge

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I grew up eating Arepas and using Harina P.A.N. So this is a brand that I am sooooo soooo happy to be working with and one that I really am proud to introduce to you. #panfan

Eating an arepa is instant happiness for me, and making them is a Sunday tradition at my home now. If you’ve never had them, try them: easy to make, delicious, gluten free, and a crowd pleaser.

Watch the full P.A.N Global Cooking Challenge Here:
Thanks so much to Harina P.A.N for sponsoring this video! Learn more about P.A.N here:


Heat oven to 350.

1 cup of water per cup of Harina P.A.N.

1 cup will make about 5 arepas (enough for 2 very satisfied people).
2 cups will feed 4 to five people.

First add luke warm water to a bowl (1 cup, 2 cups, depending how many you are).
Add salt and taste the water. It should taste salty.

Slowly add the Harina P.A.N. and stir with hands.
Dissolve any lumps.

Keep adding until the dough has a stable consistency. It should be moist, but dry enough so as not to stick too much to your hands.

Once the dough is at the right consistency create about 1.5 inch balls.

Press each ball down to a patty of about 0.5 inch thickness.

Warm non-stick pan to medium heat and coat with a little oil.

Cook arepas about 3-5 minutes on each side, until a crust forms.

Put in oven until ready to serve (don’t let them stay there too long or they will dry out).

Have fun!